Spectrum Bridge Program

DSC_0224The Spectrum Bridge Program is a day treatment program specifically designed for students ages 5-21 with significant cognitive delays and challenging behaviors along with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. The design of the program is grounded in the knowledge that students learn best from direct instruction and real world experiences and at Spectrum, the explicit instruction is implemented in the classroom, experiential labs, and the community at large. The curriculum is based on a multidisciplinary team approach that includes ecological manipulations with alternate applied academics.

As such, core instruction focuses on the application of state standards through essential life skills. Using a diagnostic intervention based curriculum in the elementary grades, the middle school curriculum offers a balance of academics and functional skills for the students to achieve their potential. Meanwhile, the high school curriculum is progressively more functional in its content. Remediation and practice in core subjects is still evident but more emphasis is placed on accommodations and alternative skills to achieve independence. photo 1 (1)

All Bridge students participate in community based programming where they learn real life skills in natural environments as well as learn and practice social and communication skills. In the Bridge Program, students begin their vocational training in the early grades and it continues through the age of 21 with the potential to work off campus at real employment sites.

The multi-systemic facets of the Spectrum Bridge Program include the following aspects:

  • 2:1 and 3:1 Intensive Self Contained Classrooms
  • Private Transportation for Lorain County Residents
  • SRA Direct Instruction
  • Verbal Behavior and Language Pragmatic
  • Positive Behavior Support Systems
  • Social Skills Training
  • Outcome Data Collection for Progress Monitoring
  • Functional Living Skills
  • Community Based Instruction
  • Transition Planning
  • Vocational Instruction and Job Coaching

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